Thursday, November 29, 2018

December Classes:

Monday's in Christopher Lake - 9-10:30 a.m.
December 10th & 17th
$30 for both classes or $18 for one.

Tuesday's at Yoga Sublime
December 4th, 11th &18th
10-11:30 a.m. - Iyengar All levels
5:30--6:45p.m. - Gentle/Restorative

Saturday's at Yoga Sublime
December 8th, 15th & 22nd
9:00 - 10:15a.m. - A.m. eye opener
10:30 - 11:45a.m. - Beginner Yoga - Mobility and Stability 

December Dates and Other Events!

December is coming!  Which is really hard for me to believe as I sit with only a day left before leaving India. Warm here so hard to get into the winter mindset yet. :)

I know once I get home I'll be a bit jet lagged and busy catching up so wanted to send updates on December classes and some new events. I have a few more coming so might be sending another email.

I hope you all have had a good month and look forward to seeing you soon.

~ Pam
December 2018 marks the Centenary of B.K.S. Iyengar's birth.
It has been great to be in India to see the preparations and celebrations for the event.
I am hosting a small celebration in Christopher Lake and would be great if you can join.
Please pre-register by Dec. 4th.
Find Ease to Breathe is a 4 week session where we will explore the practice of pranayama. During this busy season ans cold weather take some time to relax and enjoy just breathing.
Please pre-register by December 4th.
This fall I was able to teach this wonderful class through funding received by Quinn Smith-Windsor.  We have a bit more funding so have added dates until the end of December.  If you or anyone you know might be interested please pass along. It will become a registered class at the Alfred Jenkins Field House in January.
Fermenting Fun and Yoga. May seem an odd combination but both can be great for the brain/gut connection.
Enjoy a day with yoga, lunch, fermenting fun and a bit more yoga!
Please pre-register! Would make a great gift. Gift certificates are available. 
Sunday Yoga and Lunch has been so great for a few friends or family to get together. I've enjoyed getting to know some people better and I've learnt a few new recipes too.:)
Message me if interested in booking. 
Winter session for Christopher Lake.
Please pre-register. 
If you have been considering the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat you can still save $200 off shared accommodation.
I am really looking forward to this retreat and have been working on the classes while in India.

Please contact me soon if interested and want more information. 
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Balance: Body, Breath and Mind

Join Terra Eckert and myself for a great day of yoga and learning the art of fermenting.

Terra and I have been friends for over 15 years so I'm really excited to host this event with her.

Both yoga and fermenting can offer benefits for the brain and gut, plus other great things we will talk about.

The Day of Yoga with include 2 yoga sessions, lunch, fermenting demo and hands on for you to make and bring home. Bring a friend, will be a fun and enjoyable day.

We hope you can join us!

Date: January 13th
Time: 10 a.m.-4p.m.
Location: Anderson community centre, Christopher Lake
Cost: $97 - includes gst

Please pre-register by emailing

*if giving as a gift I have certificates available.

Om Shanti,

Monday, November 26, 2018

Last week in Pune, India

Today is Monday, November 26th and as I walked out of Prashant’s class this morning was overwhelmed by gratitude again to have the chance to be here for the month. The walk through the park with the cooler morning air was refreshing and today is street cleaning day so even the streets were being swept clean and garbage picked up.  A moment of feeling that everything was alright in the world at this time.

Time is a funny thing and in some ways the month has seemed long and others very short. In many ways I am ready to go home as I miss my family, but could also easily stay on as time between class and practice we really are brought into the present moment and time really is irrelevant.

Over the month and through the classes and practices have also created many moments of aha and can see when have the time and space how the body, breath and mind responds. I fear this is going to all shrink back the moment I step into the cold winter air. ❄️

We have noticed the air is a bit cooler the last few days as winter is coming to India.  Do have to laugh a bit when see winter coats and toques for sale. 

We were able to go to a cave nearby on the first full moon after Diwali, which is a light celebration here.  Little girls dressed in beautiful dresses, candles and of course more firecrackers πŸŽ†.  It also was the birthday celebration of B.K.S. Iyengar according to the lunar calendars.  At the institute they had set up a beautiful tent between the house and Yoga hall for their family celebrations.  
This young girl and her grandma brought us the candle holders and ghee so we could make our own light celebration. 

I’m not much of a shopper but did spend an afternoon after class with Nana, who is a wonderful rickshaw driver and very wise.  He took us to many great spice, tea and incense shops. Plus a few other which ended getting a pomegranate juice and ladoo at a wonderful bakery.  I’m not sure if I’m spelling it correctly but they are delicious little honey infused treats πŸ˜‹.

They are preparing for 1300 or more for the two week intensive and Centenary celebration starting December 3rd.  So much work and planning and I’m sure more wonderful teachings and stories.  We have been fortunate to volunteer a few times to help assemble registration kits and prop kits.  Even though I won’t be here still feel connected.

I will miss the fresh fruit and chai stands and friendly pups and people.

I will treasure this month as had time to really explore and appreciate much more then my first trip.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

Om Shanti,

PLN Yoga
"Helping Unite Body, Breath and Mind"

Pamela Louise Nelson 
Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor

Blog: www.plnyoga.blogspot.comclass information and more
Call or text: 306-981-4703

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Mango Tree

In class last week with Raya he compared our yoga practice to family and to mango (or papaya trees.)

He said our parents and our grandparents had to work hard, planted the seed and work hard to get the fruit tree to grow, or just work hard to survive, and it is us and our children that are seeing the fruits of this work.  Now we don't have to work as hard but receive wonderful fruits from this previous labour of love.

Our practice is like this.
In the beginning there is alot of effortful effort and seemingly little in return. We must daily work hard. But as we nuture ourselves and tend to what our needs are, (not our wants)and go deeper into it there is an effortlessness that comes. The sweet fruit of our labour.

He worded this much more eloquently and I really felt so much gratitude arise as this practice comes from the path of many before me and the support of many. Also, how my practice is not just for me, but effort for my kids and grandkids and all sentient beings.

Om Shanti,

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Week 3 From Pune

Hard to believe we are moving into week 3 at the institute and that I’m just days away from being halfway done.
There is a feeling of missing home but also the days go quite quickly walking to and from class, classes, practice, getting food from stalls to make meals, etc.
Even to have a shower we must heat the water tank about 15 minutes prior to save electricity and each night we are able to get filtered water only between 6:00 and 8:30p.m. Some nights it comes out fast and others it takes 45 minutes to an hour.  
Makes me really appreciate the clean water πŸ’§ I have at home.
Hand washing clothes is another time I am grateful for the nice washer I have at home.

I have gone to a few shops in the tuk-tuks with some really wonderful drivers who have been driving students from the institute for many years so know all the best places and where they are going!
There is a pull to do and see more as there is much to see in India, and also just be still and practice.  I really didn’t want to go home more exhausted then I came so have been really happy to do a few outings and know I’ll be back again and will see more the next time. Also excursions do take a lot out of a person.  The roads are so busy, the traffic flow so crazy, the pollution, garbage and poverty can be a bit overwhelming.

To build up to the Centenary Celebration for Guruji the institute has been hosting countries this past year for 10 day intensives. These are countries that don’t have formal associations like the one we have in Canada.
Joining us this next 10 days are students from Malaysia, Indonesia and Serbia.  
The classes have now been very packed with over 200 students.

It does sound beautiful though when we are all chanting! ❤️
We will be doing more if this on my return as I feel now is the time. 🎼

To describe the classes is really something that can’t be done easily. It is a whole experience that does that a long time to absorb and digest.

One must know yoga to do yoga, but to do yoga one must know it.
Prashant related this a bit to learning to swim. You never take swimming lessons and not get in the water.  Yoga is like that, sometimes you just have to jump into the ocean!

May your practice be 🍎 fruitful.

Om Shanti,

PLN Yoga
"Helping Unite Body, Breath and Mind"

Pamela Louise Nelson 
Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor

Blog: www.plnyoga.blogspot.comclass information and more
Call or text: 306-981-4703

Friday, November 9, 2018

Find Ease to Breath - 4 week pranayama class

December can be a busy month, but I invite you to take a few hours for yourself and explore the benefits of pranayama.

Fortunately we don't have to think about each breath we take in our day to day lives, but often stress, anxiety and imbalances creep in that affect our breathing.  This can actually increase feelings of stress and anxiety.

This 4 - week class will focus on basic breathing techniques that you can use in your daily life to help relax, restore and find more ease.

I hope you can join me.  Classes will be in Christopher Lake which is only a short scenic drive from Prince Albert.

Please pre-register with payment to hold your spot by November 30th. Space is limited.

Om Shanti,

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Second Week in Pune

Second week in Pune

Starting to get into the groove of ours days here in Pune.
It has been good and I feel very fortunate but hard not to get a bit homesick. 
That is until I heard we had snow :)

I have some really great roommates. We are able to share a few meals and discussions and also feel ok when taking time to ourselves and to practice. Really a big part of this trip is the practice.  The teachings are wonderful, but to have the space physically and mentally to absorb and consolidate is a huge part of what coming here is.  All your fears, insecurities, longings, excitement, etc. Comes out right in front of you to be faced. Also, being out of the normal flow of life at home allows one to maybe shed a few layers and release the true self that sometimes gets misplaced in the busyness of life.

Last night at the Patanjali Jayanti a question was asked on the image of Patanajli. Much wonderful information was given by Prashant but one ☝️ interesting point was that it was the persona of Patanajli, not really what he looked like.  Interesting to consider what each of us might look like without our outer coverings.

So, after recovering from the Jet lag I have gone on a few adventures, mostly in the afternoon after lunch. 
The park closes from 12-4, so often go there at 4 to wander a bit. I’ve also done a bit of a walking tour with a roommate which was fun and ended at the rooftop restaurant for lime soda.  
 It gets dark here quite early so by the time we walked back it was dark and many people were out shopping in preparation for Diwali, the Festival of Lights.  I’ll try and get some night photos with all the lights.  This morning we went to the park to take in the early morning concert. Really packed for a 7 am concert, yes 7 A.M.!πŸ₯πŸŽΌπŸŽ€
Beautiful music by very talented musicians. Lots of firecrackers go off at all times of the day. I’ve heard it’s much better then used to be. It is supposed to only be between 8-10p.m., but some still feel the urge to set off at any time πŸŽ†

Took a tuk-tuk with my roommates to a statue shop. This is where many of Guruji’s statues have come from. He has some lovely photos together with Guruji hanging in his shop.  The choices and products were beautiful. My roommate bought a beautiful hand carving of two palms together in Anjali mudra (namaste palms). Nicely decorated on the outside as if had henna on them. When the palms open up there is a carving in each side of the palms. One is of the goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.  On the other is Lord Ganesha, remover of obstacles. It is beautifully detailed. I’ll post a few videos on my Instagram page @plnyoga of our ride with NaNa the tuk-tuk driver. He has been driving foreign students from the institute for years so knows all the great places to go and which spots are the best to stop for ☕️ chai.

I’m sure I could write more, but will leave you for now.
I hope you are all doing well.

Om Shanti,

Thursday, November 1, 2018

First Few Days in India

It is hard to believe that I left home 5 days ago already. The flight over was so long but better then I thought. I think I was in a bigger, or newer airplane then the first time I came. Didn’t have knees in my back and had a small amount of leg room. Always hard to know if window or aisle is better. I had window seats all the way which I think is better overall except for the getting out to the bathroom. The women next to me was from Punjab and we didn’t speak each other’s language but we seemed to make a team. We’d go to the bathroom at the same time so not bothering the man in the aisle too much. I’d give her my extra packs of sugar for the chai and shared snacks. Was a nice good bye at the end. The plane seated I think 350 people. The employee said this flight goes daily and is always quite full.  Many right now are on their way home to celebrate Diwali.
Once off the plane we had a driver coming to pick us up that was arranged by our landlady. My friend knew the tuk tuk driver from her previous trips so they had a nice chat while we weaved our way in and out of traffic. Had to keep reminding myself - just breath.
The ways of the road here are crazy but seem to flow somehow.

I was lucky to find out another Canadian was attending in November, so had a travel companion for the long airport waits (10 hours in Delhi airportπŸ’€) and transport from the airport to the apartment.  We had both booked separately, but interesting enough we ended up in the same apartment :).
Another lovely roommate arrived in the wee hours and though Yoga have ended up together for the month.

Upon arrival our wonderful landlady host helped get us settled and show us the route to the institute. Has taken me a few times but I think I know my way alone.  I went out yesterday and our doorman had to stop me from going the wrong way.  Had to laugh at myself as had only reached the bottom of the stairs barely.

You have to have a visa to be here and show documentation to the landlord and institute. So we went to register and was great to see the institute again and many familiar faces. Many have been part of the daily workings there for years and years.

It is a blend of old and becoming new here. Many more new cars now, where I remember more motorbikes last time. Still many tuk tuk drivers. More cyclists, which I can’t imagine doing here myself and surviving. The pollution isn’t great and seems worse at night and dengue is quite bad this year I guess due to garbage issue. They are also terribly low on water due to a water dam breaking and contaminating the drinking water and low monsoon rains.  We can only get drinking water a few hours a day. Makes one plan the day and sit and wait as the water slowly trickles out of the filter.

Glad we had a few days to get settled and Brain 🧠 functioning again from the jet lag.
Yesterday was our first day at the institute being November 1st. We were able to attend the open practice on the 31st which felt so great. I did mostly supported poses and ones recommend for jet lag.  Felt so great πŸ˜€.

Prashant’s classes begin at 7a.m. So up early to have tea, eat a bit and walk there. 
He began with the invocation and told us to get collected and connected. Body, breath and mind. 
It can sometimes be hard to hear with dogs and traffic and I am not always great at hearing things with an accent. I have come to know that I will learn, it may not be everything today but the path is long and we never know when we might absorb that bit of wisdom.
Was a wonderful class and when we were taking notes after I know only remember a small part. He talked of the mind and different minds and how we can’t be in that mind state to understand it, we must be a bit above it, to me like an observer.
He gave an analogy with water.
How water is life giving, we need it to live but if we are emerged in it we don’t know the water and get bogged down in it. 
He talked a lot of vrittis, the disturbances and the mind and was interesting when said how citta vritti often described to just the mind, but it has to be the body and breath too. They all must be transformed!
I really can’t do justice to his teachings so won’t try and go into more. I need to absorb it first which may take me days, weeks, months, years πŸ™ƒ.

The days have gone quickly as most things take a bit longer. Walking to get a few groceries takes time to weave in and out.  It really is a practice of being present as you couldn’t survive otherwise between the traffic, animals, cobbled streets, etc.
None of that walking with your cell phone here!

Anyway, that has been my first few days.  It is actually quite early in the morning as I write this as sleep still eludes me at odd times.

Hope to write more over the month. 

Om Shanti,

PLN Yoga
"Helping Unite Body, Breath and Mind"

Pamela Louise Nelson 
Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor

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