Monday, February 3, 2020

Funding Received to support Yoga for Sports Class!

Thanks to the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada for funding to support a local program in the Prince Albert area - Yoga For Sports.

I have prepared this program based on B.K.S. Iyengar's book - Yoga for Sports: A Journey towards Health and Healing, and my years of training as an Iyengar yoga teacher.

I really enjoyed sports as a youth and still do today.  I wish I had had proper yoga training when I was younger, not just a few yoga postures.  Although this can be a good introduction to yoga in schools, there really is a lot more to developing the mind, cultivating the breath and learning when to keep going and when it is better to recuperate.  Sports persons, dancers and musicians must practice a lot.  This can take their toll not just physically, but mentally and emotionally - and if not in tune with yourself, can begin to weigh one down with all the other responsibilities. 

This program is about Yoga to attain excellence - in flexibility, strength, speed, agility, coordination, concentration, balance and stability.
It also will give tips and yoga practices for games/performances & during travel, recovery from strains, how to overcome over-training and relaxation and rejuvenation for exhaustion and fatigue.

Each class will have a different theme and address the whole body, breath and mind.
I will be teaching this class at Ballet N' All That Jazz in Prince Albert beginning on February 29th - April 4th.  The funding will cover much of the costs so everyone can attend for a very low price of $30 for 6 classes.
This class is open to anyone interested. Please see poster below and pre-register.
I am also looking to share this program with schools, groups, clubs, teams, etc. who may not be able to join on this day. If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested I have attached a flyer that can be shared.
Please feel free to contact me at:
Thank you again to the support from the Canadian Iyengar community and the Prince Albert/Lakeland community who supports these yoga classes.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, (Om Peace, Peace, Peace)