Monday, July 30, 2012

ECOVER Natural Dishwashing Liquid - Review

I have signed up to blog my review of certain products with  www.NATURALLYSAVVY.COM.
I have been asked to blog a review on ECOVER's Natural Dishwashing Liquid.
I received a sample for free as part of the review.

I am big into trying to purchase products that are easy on the environment and not harmful to my family, myself and the world around me, so I was pretty excited to try this product out.

I am impressed by the company using the Diamond Model to reduce impact during resource extraction and transformation, product usage and environmental fate afterwards.  They have a notable website that you can check out at

They use state of the art facilities to be very energy efficient and they are now using 100% PlantPlastic bottles made from sugarcane that is recyclable.  I truly commend companies that consider the environment when they are building their business.

Before I started researching or even trying the product out though I read the ingredients.  I do that with everything from my food, to cleaning supplies, to makeup because it is all going into or onto the skin to be absorbed somehow.  It will also make its way back into the environment.

So, I was happy with most of the ingredients but I  guess I was a bit surprised to find out that the second ingredient was sodium laureth sulfate, which I have known for years can have carcinogenic properties and irritations to the skin and eyes. - Taken from the above link to the David Suzuki organization, they write, "Depending on manufacturing processes, sodium laureth sulfate may be contaminated with measurable amounts of ethylene oxide and 1,4-dioxane.  1,4-dioxane is also persistent, so, it doesn't easily degrade and can remain in the environment long after it is rinsed down the shower drain. 1,4-dioxane can be removed from cosmetics during the manufacturing process by vacuum stripping, but there is no easy way for consumers to know whether products containing sodium laureth sulfate have undergone this process."

I did try to research this to find out if 1,4 dioxane had been removed or even used.  Reading their reviews, awards they have won and companies they have teamed up with, I am hoping they have done that or have some other processing method.  Also, when I compare ECOVER Dish washing Liquid to other brands, they don't need to put a First Aid Treatment or Poison Control treatment on their packaging, they even say on their website that "Grey (waste) water is safe to use for to water your plants and garden. However we recommend that if possible you allow the water to 'settle' for 2 - 3 days first. During this time the process of bio degradation will have already started to happen, minimising further the impact to the environment."

I found this article online, recent too, from July 29th, 2012 regarding ECOVER and other green products. It is interesting and puts things in perspective. It is almost impossible to have no impact, humans just breathing alone will have an impact, it is to have the least amount of impact possible, which ECOVER is working towards. Check out this link.

Ok, so now I was ready to TEST the product.
Filled the sink, squirt of ECOVER dishsoap. 
I found it really does clean well.  It removes grease on dishes, lasts for the whole sinkful of dishes and only need to use a minimal amount of soap...
I have now done many sinks full of dishes and am still happy with the results.  But, don't take my word for it.. Try it out and research for yourself what goes on and into your body and the environment.

Pamela Nelson

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Nose

The nose, as we all know is used to smell...and of course breath!  And Prashant Iyengar writes in his article, Functionality and Emotionality of the Senses, "some people use their nose to poke into the matters of others." ;)

The nostrils help to warm and filter the air that goes into the lungs, helping to remove harmful bacteria and bring the breath to a temperature that is healthy for the lungs.
So, that is the function of the nose.  But, how does the nose express emotions. Taken from "The Smell Report", by Kate Fox "human sense of smell is feeble compared to that of many animals, it is still very acute. We can recognise thousands of different smells, and we are able to detect odours even in infinitesimal quantities."
These thousands of smells, depending on what they are will be expressed by our facial muscles.  The musculature of the face will change depending on the smell.  The smell of a skunk will definitely cause the face and body to act differently then the smell of a beautiful flower.  Prashant also writes that the place we smell something will affect us.  If we are not in a place where a particularly bad smell might be expected we will be affected more then if we were in, say a sewage treatment plant and know the smells might not be so great.

To quote Prashant,
"The human face changes its expression when feelings change.  Expressions differ according to the smell."
Why is this important to our exploration of yoga?  The musculature of the face will affect our state of being, our breath, our state of mind.
Consider this as you practice today. Keep both nasal passages relaxed, the facial muscles relaxed, the brain relaxed, the body relaxed and open.

Pamela Nelson

Thursday, July 26, 2012

August 13-17th - NOON Yoga Classes

Change up your week by joining me for a week of Noon yoga classes..

A great way to reduce everyday and workday stress by stretching out mid-day!

August 13-17 - 12:05-12:55pm – summer special – all 5 days – $50 or bring a new student and pay only $40 each

drop-in $12/class – or bring a new student $10/each!

Pass along if you know anyone that might be looking for a mid-day stretch.

Thank you.


Pamela Nelson

Pamela Nelson – Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor

PLN Yoga Studio

#3-3800 5th Ave. E., Prince Albert, Sk.

306-982-2737 or 306-981-4705

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Poster for Classes in PA and Christopher Lake

Here is a more tabled version of the upcoming classes.  A great way to visually see what day and time classes are on. 

Pamela Nelson

Poster Christopher Lake FALL Classes

Pamela Nelson

Poster PA FALL classes.

Here are the poster for Fall Classes in Prince Albert.  Not sure if you can print from this blog.
Quick correction - the noon class on Wednesday is from 12:05-12:55pm - $88

Pamela Nelson

2012 Fall Yoga Schedule

2012 Fall Yoga Schedule
This fall I will be teaching 12 classes a week between Christopher Lake & Prince Albert.

Join me also for my SUNDAY SERIES. This series will include three Sundays of Gentle Yoga and Meditation and three Sunday Flow Yoga Classes.

Register by August 28th, with payment, for any of the fall yoga classes at PLN Yoga Studio in Christopher Lake or Prince Albert and you will receive admission to a 2-hour seminar (value $47) absolutly FREE!

Seminar will be held Tuesday, September 18th from 6:30-8:30pm at PLN Yoga Studio.
Marian Pidwerbeski, Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner and Professional Cancer Coach, will be presenting 6 Steps to Managing Stress -- Naturally!
She will also be launching her new CD, Mind & Breath -- 17 Minutes to Deep Relaxation, and you will be the first to hear it! But you MUST register by August 28.

Mondays - Pam's Yoga Studio in Christopher Lake
AM YOGA - 9:30-11:00am
10weeks - Sept.10 -Nov.26 - $140
ALL Levels Yoga - 5:30-6:45 pm
12 weeks - Sept.10 –Dec. 10 - $156

Restorative Yoga - 7:00-8:00pm - 12 weeks
September 10th - December 10th, 2012 - $144
No Classes Monday Oct. 8& Nov. 12th

Tuesdays- PLN Yoga Studio - #3-3800 5th Ave. E., Prince Albert, Sk.
AM Yoga - 9:30-11:00am-8 weeks-$112
Oct.2 – Nov.27
Youth Yoga(7-11) -4:00-5:00pm -8 weeks - $72Oct.2 – Nov.27
Beginner/All Levels - 5:30-6:45pm - 12 weeks
September 11th - December 11th, 2012 - $156
Restorative Yoga -7:00-8:00pm - 12 weeks
September 11th - December 11th, 2012 - $144
*Special Presentation Sept.18th - 6:30-8:30pm
NO Classes Tuesday Oct.9th

Wednesdays- PLN Yoga Studio - #3-3800 5th Ave. E., Prince Albert, Sk.
Noon Yoga - 12:00-1:00pm -8 weeks-$96
Oct.3rd – Nov.28th
Teen Yoga(12-17) -4:00-5:00pm -8 weeks - $72
Oct.3 – Nov.28th
Intermediate Yoga - 5:30-7:00pm- 12 weeks
September 12th - December 12th, 2012 - $168
Beginner Yoga -7:15-8:15pm - 12 weeks
September 12th - December 12th, 2012 - $144
NO Class Wednesday Oct.10th and 31st

Saturdays- PLN Yoga Studio - #3-3800 5th Ave. E., Prince Albert, Sk.
AM Yoga- All Levels -10:00-11:30am - 11 weeks - Sept.15th - Dec.8th - $154
NO Classes Saturday Oct.20th and Nov.3rd
SUNDAY SERIES: 10-Noon - $25/class or $60 for any three in the Sunday Series
Gentle Yoga and Meditation Class – Following a relaxing and opening practice of yoga asanas with Pam, please join David Wieder for a brief introduction into meditation. We will explore how to set up and approach a daily practice to calm and focus the mind. In these beginner sessions, the first of two - shamatha, calm abiding, meditation techniques will be introduced. These methods have been practiced in some Eastern cultures for over 2500 years.
Dates:Oct.14, Nov.18 & Dec.9th
Sunday Flow Yoga- Follow your breath and deepen your practice with this invigorating class.
Dates:Sept.23, Oct.28 & Nov.25

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Ears

As we continue looking at the 5 main senses we have grown up learning about - eyes to see, ears to hear, mouth to taste, nose to smell and skin to feel..we will look at the ears. 
How are they more then just for hearing?
To me they are also for listening, because I feel there is a difference between hearing something and really listening to it.  How often have we heard someone say something, but because our mind was distracted did not really listen? 

The ears also help us to balance. As Prashant writes in his article, Functionality and Emotionality of the Senses, "We walk with the legs but the ears are the pilots - they are the automatic pilots."
He refers to how amazed man is with the invention of the computer, with its complicated and intricate wires, but the auditory nerve, that is the size of the tip of a pointed pencil contains thirty thousand circuits bringing information to the brain.

So balancing the ear drums becomes important in yoga.  Where and how you place your head, will affect your pose, internally and externally.  Hearing capacity also decreases as we age, so treat the ears well as this sensory organ is linked to the element sky - akasa.

Pamela Nelson

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Eyes

Since we were young, we were taught that we have five sense organs - eyes, ears, tongue, nose and skin.  The function of these sense organs is sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.  Much of this function though is influenced by our emotions.  The next few blogs have been influenced by the article  "Functionality and Emotionality of the Senses", by Prashant S. Iyengar.

The blog today is on the eye which gives us the wonderful sense of sight.  The structure of the eye is amazing in how it perceives and receives information coming into it, to its ability to keep unwanted dust and debris out of the eye.

They are though most amazing in their ability to express emotions.  Prashant writes, "The eyes are called visual organs, but are often more powerful than the vocal organ.  One glance can express a world of emotions."

So, in your yoga practice today let the eyes remain in a state of dhyana, meditation, releasing any sign of worry.  Let them express peace, love, friendship and compassion.

Pamela Nelson

Monday, July 16, 2012

July/August Book Review - Unjunk Your Junk Food

I am very excited because I have received the book  Unjunk Your Junk Food  from the creators of to take part in reviewing the book and blogging my thoughts.

Written by Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer, the creators of with Lisa Tsakos, this little book is packed full of useful information about why we should be altering our junk food eating habits and how to go about doing that.
It is hard not to have a sweet tooth and craving once in awhile, so this book gives ways to still indulge once in awhile, and eat healthily.

The authors have taken the time to provide people with better options, not just saying don't have this, but giving the reasons and alternatives that taste similar to the unhealthy option.  It is not just about calorie counting - it's reading the ingredients, knowing what that means and the health risks involved in ingesting that item.
Laid out in a simple to read style, the book starts out giving the basics we need to know about carbs, fats (good and bad), fiber, vitamins and minerals, GMO's, sugars, sodium and food additives to name a few.  Then the other chapters break down foods into different categories, like dips and chips, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, granola bars and hard candy -  showing pictures of the unhealthy choice, why it is unhealthy and the more healthy option on the opposite page.  This layout is very good as it is so visual.  Even my kids are browsing the book and seeing the big X or big check mark on the photos.  It has gotten them asking even more questions about why I don't let them eat certain foods.  This book makes it easy to explain this to them and older kids can easily read information themselves.
The book even contains a cut out chart of the "WORST" ingredients.  This should make it even easier for shoppers to be on the look out for those ingredients that can be responsible for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and symptoms like skin rashes, diarrhea, hyperactivity that many might not relate to their diet.

We have tried for years to unjunk our food, but this book has been a great reminder to keep on this path and that there is alternatives.

The need to educate our children and those around us about all these harmful ingredients in what some call "food" is great.  The authors say that teens ingest the most sugars, so even more reasons this kind of information should be taught at a younger age.  I think the price of the items, will be one roadblock.  I'm sure the "Great Value" chips for example cost a fraction of the cost of the more healthy option. Kids, and most adults will go for what is cheap and on sale.  Therefore more reason to say a treat is meant to be just that - a treat. If only having once in awhile -not many times a day- spending a little extra will improve the lives of all.

For more information regarding Unjunk Your Junk Food visit the link below.
This book is also available for sale at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other online retailers.

This link will lead you to the NaturallySavvy website. It is full of interesting information regarding your health and natural, organic and green living.

Happy and Healthy Reading!

Pamela Nelson

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Child Within

"Your body is a child.  Look after it."

-B.K.S. Iyengar

Mr. Iyengar writes how the body is like a child.  Like a child we need to give it affection, care, compassion, love, support, understanding, tolerance, genuineness, integrity, firmness, discipline and responsibility.
As you would your child, treat yourself well.  The care we give ourselves will be reflected in those around us.

Pamela Nelson

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Words of Wisdom - 19

"Yoga is harmony of the body, senses, mind and intellect.
That's why there is no difference between physical and spiritual yoga."

-B.K.S. Iyengar