Sunday, March 14, 2021

These are a few of my Favorite Things - 1 year after lockdown


This post is not in any way meant to make light of this situation or to the people who have lost their lives or those who are ill from the virus.  I have great respect for the healthcare workers for working so hard to keep everyone as safe as possible.  The list of people I have much appreciation for who have been out working in the public since the pandemic began is long and to the people who have stayed home as much as possible to help stop the spread of the virus.  

I really debated if I should even make a post but I have been reflecting back and thought I would highlight some of the positive things for me from this past year.


It has been a year since the Covid-19 virus was declared a pandemic and the world as we knew it changed. We are told that change is inevitable. I know I heard growing up that the only things we can be sure of in life is death and the fact change came should not be a surprise, but it was.  I think at this time a year ago the most shocking thing for me for a few days was that my son would be home from school, not for a few weeks, but the rest of the school year.  WHAT? 😆Now, a year later we have adjusted to this new normal.  That is the amazing thing about not only humans, but really through history, all living things, animals and plants, is that they are adaptable.  As a kid I remember thinking how amazing a tiny seed could grow in the most inhospitable conditions sometimes.  In school learning about adaptation in plants and animals so that they could become fitted to their environment was also amazing.  So the fact that we overall have adapted the best we could to the circumstances is telling us that we are amazing.  

My last in-person yoga class was on March 16th.  I really can't believe it has been almost a year.  At that time, call it mother's intuition..or fear, I headed to Edmonton to pick up my daughter from the dorm. Two days later the dorms closed.  What an eerie trip that was.  

Both my girls moved home..our house was full once more. We haven't all lived together for about 5 years.  It was different, wasn't always smooth, but I wouldn't trade it.  To have that time together, if only for a few months was special.  

Then they both moved to B.C. 😊 - My oldest daughter moved for a job as she graduated from the University of Saskatchewan during the pandemic. A home graduation was a bit underwhelming for her I think but I'm glad we could still have a few people in the house at that time.  My other daughter moved for University.  I feel fortunate I was able to do the road trip out with her stopping in a few beautiful places along the way.

I got to hang out with my son more then I probably would have under normal circumstances which again is something I am really thankful for.

Some of my other favorite things:

- being able to continue online classes.  I am so appreciative to have people who wanted to continue yoga online.  I really know it helped to keep me grounded and connected.

- Netflix of course 😃 - I won't list all the shows watched...

- Great podcasts - It actually is really overwhelming how many great podcasts there are. Here are a few I've been listening to - Under the Influence, We Regret to Inform You, Cal Newport, Lex Fridman, Andrew Huberman, The Miami Chronicles, The David Suzuki Podcast, The Vinyl Cafe, Our Fake History, Alone Together...

 - Online classes from many Iyengar teachers around the world that I would not have had the opportunity to travel and learn from.  

- Other great online educators 

- Walking and skiing around our property 

- coffee with the few people in my bubble

- how amazing and creative some people were over the past pandemic year 

- Reading and Yogi book club meetings

- Outside yoga classes in the summer for charitable organizations

- Although in my head I thought I would accomplish so much more than I did, I do feel I was able to be creative still in my online classes and some of the offerings.  I am really happy I could offer many free classes and classes by donation to support others.

Some of my favorites: Sit with me in Silence, Heart Happy Class, Sunday Peace Practice, Solstice classes (summer and winter), Yogi book club, Weekly Wake-up...just a few on top of the regular schedule.

Anyway, I'm sure I could think of more and expand on some of the things I did mention, but I will leave it as is for now.  

I would love to hear about some of the things that helped you through this past year.

Peace and good health to you and your families,


Friday, March 12, 2021

New Class !! Based on B.K.S. Iyengar's book - Yoga for Sports: A Journey Towards Health and Healing


New Class !! 
Based on B.K.S. Iyengar's book - Yoga for Sports: A Journey Towards Health and Healing

I grew up participating in a variety of dance and sports activities.  I love moving, and found through yoga that mindfulness in movement has brought me more health and healing, physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  I started practicing yoga when I was around 21 as a way to "become more flexible", but found it helped me in more ways then I can count. My gratitude to this practice, to the teachers who have passed down the teachings, to B.K.S. Iyengar and his family, and to the many wonderful and supportive teachers, mentors and friends I have made through this journey is endless. 

I have always thought yoga complemented so many other conditioning programs as a way to find inner balance and contentment that when this book came out I was very excited to read it. 

From the book:
All around or 'holistic fitness' means acquiring a judicious combination of physical qualities such as flexibility, speed, agility, stamina, endurance, strength, power; mental characteristics of motivation, focus, concentration and alertness. The emotional quality to withstand and be unaffected by adversities and an ability to adapt to all situations and finally, the temperament to be disciplined to work as a team.

This series of classes is based on this book and I hope will be a great start to incorporating yoga into your conditioning program and your life.

We will start as a 6 week session online via Zoom. You are not required to have the book, but it can be a great addition to your reference library.  
Some sessions will focus more on the speed, agility and endurance aspect, while others will be more on relaxation, recuperation, treatment for common injuries, and ways to lift the emotional centre. 

If you are interested in joining this class please email me at:
Please pass along to others who may also be interested.  As things start to open up again I hope this program can be added to other clubs and groups as a way to connect inward and with teammates.

Saturday's - April 10th - May 15th 
Time: 10:30-11:45 a.m. CST
Only $76 (includes gst)

Here are a few Weekly Wake-up session I have posted on my YouTube channel:

Thank you!
Pamela Nelson

CIYT, Level 3