Thursday, November 28, 2013

How Yoga Creates JOY in Life

Beware - Yoga can create JOY in your life.

It may not be the jump up and down excited kind of feeling, but there is a shift, a change that brings happiness and contentment, which is really all we really need in life. Contentment. That feeling of peace, calm and acceptance of ourselves.

For some this feeling may be quick, for others it may come more slowly, but the practice of yoga begins to purify and nourish the body.

Mr. Iyengar said in an interview with Dominique Umbert in 1994 that, "Yoga is like an inner bath. Blood gives us a bath inside the body." and to do this, "the blood has to circulate extremely well, and with a constant, even power or force."

He says with the practice of yoga we have to generate energy in our blood to nourish every part. Then the cells sense comfort and freedom, and send the message, "I am happy".

It is not the brain telling you this, but the body's own knowledge.

I hope you can find this true inner peace.

Pamela Nelson

Monday, November 25, 2013

Aspects of Yoga

Asana is the third limb in Patanjali's Astanga Yoga.

From Yogashastra - Tome 2
This limb deals with the body, senses, mind, intelligence, consciousness and self.
Practice of asana brings poise in body, peace in mind and makes you cheerful. If makes you to indirectly follow yama and niyama.

So in an asana one places the body in the right position, with firmness, control over the body and with comfort and ease.  The asana should also be done with an auspicious state of mind.

Mr. Iyengar says, "Body is my temple, asana are my prayers."

Pamela Nelson

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thankful Thursday's - December 12, 2013

Join me on December 12th for a Peace Practice.
Donations will go to Amnesty International who has their annual Write for Rights on December 10th.

Pamela Nelson

Friday, November 15, 2013

Winter 2014 Yoga session at PLN Yoga Studio - Prince Albert and Christopher Lake

Upcoming Yoga session - Winter 2014

Join me this winter for Yoga!
It is a short session, but will hopefully make winter seem shorter too!
Posters below for classes in Christopher Lake and Prince Albert.

Pamela Nelson

Saturday, November 9, 2013

What is the sum of your Practice?

While in India, Prashantji asked us a thought provoking question.

"What is the sum of your practice?"
Prashant said - We put monetary value on so many things, so what is the sum/value of your practice to you?
To me the word sum, means to add or accumulate. So one day may not have much value to you, that 5 minute yoga practice or hour one day, but what has it matured into over many days, months and years?
Really most things of any true value do not have a monetary amount you can attach to it. 

During this time of Remembrance, take a few moments to to ask yourself this important question.
Let the accumulation of all of our practices together create a world of peace and freedom in body, mind and breath!

Pamela Nelson