Tuesday, August 19, 2014

B.K.S. Iyengar - 1918-2014

I was away at a week long yoga teacher training when I heard the news that B.K.S. Iyengar had been admitted to the hospital. It was nice to be in a group putting our energizes into generating positive energy for him, his family and even ourselves. 
It is with saddness that I have now learned that he has died. 
He was a great teacher to many and those teachings will continue as we aspire to reach our own highest potential on this journey. 

I hope I can glean even a little of his wisdom in this lifetime and use it towards a useful life. 

One of my favourite books is Light on Life. It encompasses so much of his teachings and wisdom and is full of true gems to read over and over and try to put into practice. 

The last page seemed so fitting for this post. 

On page 266 of Light on Life, Mr. Iyengar writes so eloquently, "I am old, and death inevitably approaches. But both birth and death are beyond the will of a human being.  They are not my domain. I do not think about it. Yoga has taught me to think of only working to live a useful life."

On the same page he advises,
"Live before you die, so that death is also a celebration."

And the last sentences of the book,
"I do pray that my ending will be your beginning. The great rewards and the countless blessings of a life spent following the Inward Journey await you"

With love, respect and gratitude. 

Pamela Nelson 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lessons from Day 3

Lunch break on day 3, standing outside the Empress hotel. Much more energy today:)
It actually has been a tough week to focus as have heard of much sadness and tragedy happening to a few close friends and around the world. 
Wanting to be present in the moment and not have the mind become distracted and overwhelmed is a yogic lesson in itself. 

I did have some wonderful lessons in inversions and pranayama. 
Much exploring of how to see a bit more into why some adjustments are made. 
The work within is infinite but so exciting to explore.
There is still room in my upcoming fall classes if you would like to join me in this exploration.:)

Pamela Nelson

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Connect and Integrate

Today is day 2 at the Iyengar Yoga Centre in Victoria. 

A beautiful studio on the second floor of an old building just minutes from the downtown harbour. 
We did a 3 hour timed practice today. Hard, intense but great to be totally engrossed and out of my own head in a way. 
Key lessons:
Was the energy flowing or "leaking" out?
The importance of connecting and integrating in each pose for proper energy flow. 
All great things to keep in mind even off the mat. What things do we do that contains our energy correctly and what things just opens the gate for all our energy to leak away. 
Yoga helps so profoundly with that self awareness and self acceptance so that we can become more aware of these things and move towards healthy containment. 

Pamela Nelson

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Can't beet this!

Ok, can't beet this!
Waiting in Calgary airport on my way to yoga teacher training in Victoria. 
A little bit of reading. Sitting in a comfy chair in the sun. 

Enjoy the super moon tonight. 
Sit for awhile, watch your breath and bask in the light, that reflection of the sun still radiating. We can do the same. Reflect the light within to those around you. You are the light!
Pamela Nelson

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I am always a student!

"A good teacher helps you to explore the maximum"
-B.K.S. Iyengar
I am heading out to the Iyengar Yoga Centre in Victoria tomorrow for a week long teacher training intensive.
This is my third time attending an intensive there. With over 30 hours of class time I know the teachers will help us to explore to the maximum.
I will try to blog a bit with highlights from the day.
Pamela Nelson

Monday, August 4, 2014



Just taking a few days to plan my fall classes. This is always a work in progress so bear with me for any possible changes for corrections:)

I am also working on a new website so you will see that up and running soon too I hope.

I have attached the upcoming posters for classes in Christopher Lake and Prince Albert.
Please contact with to register or with questions.

If you know anyone else that might be interested please feel free to pass along.


First 15 people to register with FULL Payment will receive a FREE eye pillow, India yoga strap or mini plush towel.  One per full registration. Color and selection on what is in stock.


Please call 306-982-2737 to register
Email me at plnyogastudio@gmail.com

Pamela Nelson