Thursday, November 29, 2012

Just Arriving - bolsters and yoga toes!

If you are looking for something to give the yoga lover in your life, I have beautiful yoga bolsters in stock and more coming!  I also have just ordered in the new Cylindrical Pro Yoga bolster that is water-resistant, easy-to-clean and isn’t afraid of a little sweat.
I also have yoga-toes, great for helping to spread your toes, yoga straps and blocks...oh and mats!

Pamela Nelson


Monday, November 26, 2012

SURE t-shirts now in stock

If you are looking for some unique gift ideas PLN Yoga Studio has much to offer.

We carry unique items from Nepal, Tibet and India as well as Glyder Yoga Wear and yoga props.

Check out my website to view more...

Also in stock for those that really like the SURE t-shirts and "dress"shirts I now have more in stock.
$35 each or 2 for $60.

Pamela Nelson

Friday, November 23, 2012

Meditation on the Breath

Here is a simple exercise you can do to help reduce stress just by focusing on the breath.

Sitting in a chair, sit up straight with feet hip width apart and ankles below the knees. Keep the sitting bones firm and spine lifting vertically up.

Gently close the eyes and begin to bring awareness to the breath, not changing the breath but just following the breath.

Bring attention to the sound of the breath flowing in and out.

Notice the places where the breath touches the inside of the nostrils as you inhale and the places it touches as you exhale.

Pay attention to the entire inhalation right up until it ends and the exhalation starts.  
Tune into the exact moment of transition.
Focus on the fine details of how the breath feels in your nostrils and listen to the sound it makes.
Notice if the in breath and the out breath are equally smooth and of similar length.

If you notice your attention has wavered, simply return your focus to the breath once again.

Stay with this practice for two to five minutes.

Begin to gently rub your palms together and place over the eyelids and gently wash the eyes and face.

Return the breath to normal and open the eyes.

-adapted from "Yoga  As  Medicine" , by Timothy McCall

Pamela Nelson

Friday, November 16, 2012

2013 Winter Yoga Schedule

Here is the 2013 Winter Yoga Schedule for PLN Yoga Studio in Prince Albert and Christopher Lake. I have attached three posters.  One for PA classes, one for Christopher Lake classes and one with information for both.
Please visit my website - for more information or to view the information better.  This information is also found in the PAGES section of this blog..

Registration Special - Register WITH PAYMENT by December 19th, 2012 and be entered to win one of three prizes.
Prizes are:
1. Studio yoga mat (value $30)
2. Chip foam block (value $15)
3. Yoga strap (value $15)
Draw date will be December 20th, 2012.

I also have Gift Certificates if you are looking for a great Christmas gift idea...

Pamela Nelson

Words of Wisdom - 21

Yoga aims for complete awareness in everything you do.
-B.K.S. Iyengar
A simple statement, yet not always so easy to do.  Try, even for 5 minutes at a time, to sit and keep your awareness on your breath today.  The breath that sustains and supports us...
Then try to stay really aware while accomplishing a task, even the very simple tasks can bring new experiences when we are open to them.
Pamela Nelson

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

B.K.S. on Meditation

Meditation does not make the mind dull. 
Rather, in meditation the mind is still but razor sharp,
 silent but vibrant with energy. 
But this state cannot be achieved without a firm, stable sitting posture, where the spine ascends and the mind descends and dissolves in the consciousness of the heart,
where the true Self reveals itself.
-B.K.S. Iyengar

Pamela Nelson