Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Pamela Nelson


B.K.S. Iyengar - Eyes and Ears

"The same eyes and ears which are meant to appreciate the beauty of the external world are also meant to appreciate the inner beauty of the world..."


- B.K.S Iyengar

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sound to Raise Your Vibration

Sound being a vibrational energy passes through the air and is emitted either from voice or instrument.  It is not only received by the ear, but also penetrates the body and can imprint on the body. Just think of how you feel and respond to sounds that are pleasing and those that are not, like the fingernails on a chalkboard (for those of us from the days before smart boards!) Our whole energy fields will exhibit a reaction, whether favorable or not.

When you raise your natural vibrational frequency, you resonate at a higher level.  That higher levels awakens energy channels and can bring healing, health, more awareness and a feeling of contentment.  The more aware we are, the more conscious we are of our thoughts, actions and words. 

Repetitive sound, like drumming or chanting, affects the consciousness and has become a way of spiritual transformation.  Hymns from the ancient vedas were called mantras, and when said repeatedly can empower the mind.  Swami Radha explains that a mantra is a combination of sacred syllables that form a nucleus of spiritual energy.  The root word man in the word Mantra means in Sanskrit "to think", tra comes from trai, meaning "to protect or free from the bondage of samsara or the phenomenal world."  So, Mantra means, "the thought that liberates and protects."

Understanding this concept intellectually though only encompasses a small part of its meaning.

When one chants or recites a mantra, it is said to activate and accelerate the creative spiritual force, promoting harmony in all parts of the human being.  The energy created can then be directed to benefit the one chanting and others around.

Tibetan singing bowls,  like seen in the pictures, will vary in the tone they play depending on size, shape, and metals used. When "played" the notes produced will vibrate around you, raising your vibrational frequency as well as the area around you.

Excerpt below is taken from :   

Singing bowls profoundly affect and harmonize body and soul. Their sounds allow a deep state of relaxation, and as a result one becomes more aware of one’s inner being and center. Placing and playing singing bowls on the body promotes a deep sound massage of every cell and organ, resulting in a remarkable feeling of well-being.

Ancient teachings proclaim that everything in our physical world, each structure or form, has a unique tone. This tone determines the nature and essence of that form. Access to this tone gives the power to change the form. The power of sound was used within the temples to harmonically purify a person, bringing him to a higher spiritual level.

In many spiritual, practices the use of sound is ancient and primal. All world traditions express the most fundamental energy underlying the manifestation of the universe in terms of sound. In the physical world humans participate in the expression of this fundamental energy with the use of their voice and musical instruments.

Singing bowls are not just musical, sound producing objects. They have been crafted to effectively bring a heightened state of consciousness which opens the door to the inner world quickly and swiftly. At the same time they help restructure disharmonies on the non-physical causal level, promoting healing on the physical plane.

If you are looking for some excellent and authentic singing bowls from the Himalayan region please contact me, as we carry a variety of hand beaten and mixed metal bowls.

Pamela Nelson

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


YOGA - quiets the brain
YOGA - gives time for the brain to reflect before acting
YOGA - strengthens quality of the mind
YOGA - makes the mind calm
YOGA - helps to discriminate the pros and cons of each action

From: Yoga Rahasya; vol.20, No.2;2013
Pamela Nelson