Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Maricyasana III

I know it has been quite awhile since I have posted a new pose.
This is a lateral twisting pose called Marichyasana III. Dedicated to the sage Marichi.
A great pose to massage and tone the abdominal organs and bring life back into the spine.

Start first with Utthita Marichyasana III.  This version is done standing which helps to extend the spine.  It is good for those who suffer from low back pain or strain as it helps to release the lower back.
Props: chair, mat, foam blocks, wall

Place chair as shown in the picture above.  Half off mat, chair seat facing you near wall. Place one or two foam blocks on the seat of the chair.

Start in Tadasana (mountain pose) with right hip just touching the wall or just slightly away from the wall.

Place the right foot on the blocks. Keep the toes pointing forward and hip points facing the chair.
Press down into the left foot and firm the left knee and quadriceps. Press down into the right foot.
Start to twist from the base of the spine, bringing the right hand behind and the left hand to the outside of the right knee.

Use the pressure of the right hand to the wall and left hand to the outer knee and wall to twist. Keep the spine lengthening upwards, hips even and level as twist. As you can see from the picture the knee stays in line with the hip.
Shown from front. Keep the left thigh pressing back and press the right knee into the arm as the arm presses back. Look over the back shoulder last. Keep the chest open as turn.
Come back to the front and repeat on other side.
Marichyasana III - lateral seated pose
Sit in Dandasana. Use enough height to keep spine lifted and not sink into lower back.

Bend the right knee and bring the right thigh and calf close together. Keep the shin perpendicular to the floor. Both sitting bones press evenly down, left leg extends and press into right foot. Spine continues to lift as well as front body.

 Depending how much height needed to sit on, bring the right hand behind to floor or a brink.
Raise the left arm up getting maximum length from the hip to the hand, while keeping the left hip and thighbone pressing down.
Exhale and rotate the trunk to the right.

 Bring the left upper arm to the outside of the right thigh.
Forearm points up and open palm.
Press the arm to the knee and knee into the arm. Keep spine lifting up and chest open.
The left side of chest moves toward the right thigh
This is stage I, repeat to other side.
 To move into full pose, press the left armpit against outside of right knee. With exhalation encircle the right knee with left arm.
Exhale again and bring right arm around the back to catch the left hand.
Keep torso lifted and turn the head to look over left shoulder (forward). This is not shown. 
Work to minimize that space between the armpit and thigh.

Repeat on other side.

 Remember to turn head to look forward. Not shown.

 If having trouble catching hand behind you, use a strap as an extension of the arm to reach.
Also, watch your straight leg does not tilt. Mine is tilting a little in these last two photos.

Benefits: increases energy levels, tones and massages abdominal organs, improves function of the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and intestines and alleviates backache.

Cautions: Do not practice if pregnant or menstruating. Do not practice if have headache, insomnia, migraine or diarrhea.
If have back problems best to start with the standing version.

These are just general instructions for this pose.

Pamela Nelson


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