Online Classes and Private to Semi -Private Yoga Lessons

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Online Classes and Private to
Semi -Private Yoga Lessons
Instructor: Pamela Nelson
Certified Junior Intermediate III Iyengar Yoga Instructor
Hello, my name is Pamela Nelson and I am a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher.  I have been teaching yoga for about 16 years and I would love to have you attend one of my online classes, group or private classes.
Your health and well-being is important to me and it is my desire to help make yoga accessible to all.
As everybody is different I want to help you reach personal goals of health  that will suit you. Please contact me as I would love to sit down with you and discuss your priorities and set up a package that will help you feel your best.

Benefits of Private or Semi-Private Yoga Lessons
There are many reasons why a private yoga lesson might be perfect for you. Unlike general classes, private lessons offer a tailored practice and experience to help you – body, breath and mind – feel your best.
One or more private lessons can be great if you have done little or no yoga and feel a bit uncomfortable joining a group class, can help to focus on personal interest or goal, avoid scheduling conflicts, modifications and personal program if overcoming health concerns, injury or pregnancy, can work on more advanced yogasana and pranayama and can help develop a plan for a personal home practice.

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Contact me with any questions or to discuss setting up a time for your group or private lesson.
Online Yoga Classes
I am using Facebook Live to teach some online classes. This venue allows for class costs to be kept reasonable and still have high quality teaching.
You can join anytime though as the classes remain there.  So you don't have to watch live to take part in these online classes and you can redo the class as many times as you would like for 6 months.
I also offer 1 free online class a month so you can check those out and see if you would like to join the other online sessions.
Any other questions just contact me!  Thank you.

Sample poster from January Online Classes:

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