Yoga and Other Products For Sale

Below are a few of the items I have for sale.

Pixie Glassworks aromatherapy pendants with Young Living Essential Oils!


Muscle Release Balls - $25/pair
Reduce muscle tightness and deepen your yoga practice.
They can help soften and release areas that hold tension and prevent you from moving into poses with ease.  Used in the mesh bag you can roll them on either side of your spine to bring flexibility to your back muscles and enhance your wellness practice.
Reduce repetitive strain issues and aid to release deep muscle tissues (e.g. IT bands and tensor fasciae latae muscles)
Perfect for stimulating your reflexology points on the hands and feet and can reduce or eliminate headaches by laying on top of the yellow balls at back of head at the sub occipital area

Rectangular Bolsters - $80



Quality yoga mats
Regular - $28
Tall - $35

6' India strap - $15/each, 8' - $18/each

Studio Strap - $15/each

Chip Foam Block - $15/each

Chip foam block covers - $18 each or $33 for block with cover

Foam blocks - 3" - $15/each or 4" - $16/each

Cork Blocks - $28/each

Joy-A-Toes - $42
Help develop healthy feet and relax and rejuvenate tired, achy and swollen feet. Realign the bones and soft tissue. Stimulate circulation, increase flexibility and strength.
Made from a comfortable gel material that can be worn throughout the day and during your yoga practice.
Available in Small and Large and that's not about your foot size. It's about how much space you have between your toes - most people should start with small.
Designed in Vancouver, B.C.